Can children wear polarized sunglasses

- May 24, 2019-

Polarizers are functional glasses that filter out diffuse stray light. If you are outdoors and in strong light, you can protect your eyes. But he also has a feature that will reduce the brightness. Therefore, it is not suitable for indoors or in dark places. Will cause the brightness to decrease and tired eyes. Therefore, if the child is wearing it in a suitable place, he or she can choose to wear polarized sunglasses when there is strong light outside. In this case, the child's eyes can be protected; if it is in a place with insufficient light. Wearing a polarizer can affect your child's normal vision and may lead to myopia.


There are many well-known children's sunglasses brands on the market. When purchasing, parents are advised to choose a regular product with a quality certification mark to avoid inferior sunglasses hurting children's eyes. You can ask the in-store professionals about the child's wearing glasses, so that children's glasses can be safe.