Does sunglasses hurt your eyes

- May 24, 2019-

In the summer, the strong sunlight can not only affect the skin, but also cause damage to the eyes. For example, cataracts, eye inflammation, etc. are caused by ultraviolet rays in the sun. Therefore, in such a strong sunshine, many people wear sunglasses to protect their eyes. But some people think that sunglasses are harmful to the eyes. Does sunglasses hurt your eyes?


Ultraviolet light in sunlight is an electromagnetic radiation, and short-time, low-intensity exposure is not harmful to humans. However, exposure to the sun for a long time, in addition to causing sunburn, will also have an effect on the eyes: may cause cataracts, pterygium and eye inflammation. Therefore, it is best to wear sunglasses when the sun shines, not only for self-portraits, but also for the protection of the eyes.


Protection of sunglasses:


1. Block the stimulation of the retina by strong light.


2. Block UV damage to the lens.


The stimulation of the retina by the strong light is temporary and reversible. Even the intensity of the light, such as the anti-wolf flashlight, can be restored after a temporary blindness. However, the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes is irreversible, and the lens will produce irreversible turbidity after absorbing ultraviolet rays, which is the cause of cataract. The most terrifying thing is that the lens has a damage additive effect on the ultraviolet rays, that is, the ten times of irradiation, one minute at a time, and ten minutes of continuous irradiation, the effect is the same.