Enemy of the eye

- May 18, 2019-

1.Smoking. Tobacco burning stimulates the optic nerve and directly damages the eye. Maybe you don't smoke, but you should also guard against the use of secondhand smoke.


2. alcohol. The blood vessels around the eyes are small, the skin is delicate, the drinking is excessive, the capillaries are easily broken, and the eyes are covered with bloodshot eyes and spots. It has caused serious damage to the eyes for a long time.


3.Dry. Dry eyes can make you feel that you are listless. We must always sleep for the eyes, drink plenty of water, or smoke with green tea.


4.the sun. Sunlight is the biggest enemy of glasses damage. Excessive ultraviolet rays cause eye diseases such as cataracts. A pair of radiation-proof sunglasses is a must-have item.


5.Radiation. Most people now have to face the computer, go home and face the TV, etc., radiation will make the glasses extremely fatigue, resulting in serious damage.


6.long-term gaze. Reading books, watching TV, watching computers, remember not to watch for a long time, to break the time to rest, in order to effectively protect the eyes.


7.liver fire is strong. Liver and vision have a close relationship, liver fire will lead to decreased vision, more exercise can effectively prevent.