Frame culture

- Mar 19, 2019-

The frame culture is also reflected in the quality of the material, the appearance of the frame, the color, the delicate degree of decoration, and the meaning of the graphic. The ancient frames are often engraved with patterns of blessings, laurels, longevity, and wealth, embodying the value connotations of “being in front of the eyes”, “Fushou Shuangquan”, “Guanyun Hengtong” and “Four Seasons Fortune”. At the same time, the name of the shop, the font size, the name of the person, and the amount of gold are often engraved on the beam. Depending on the status and status of the society, the frames used by emperors and dignitaries use precious materials such as gold, silver, enamel and ivory, while the glasses used by ordinary people use copper, iron, steel and wood. The beam pattern of the glasses is gradually changed from the original arch shape, gate shape, gate shape, and arc shape to a shape of a shape, a bamboo shape, a top and a bottom beam shape, etc.; a beam card, a side card, a cloud pattern, a cat The head shape and the tiger head shape are transformed into a shape such as an eagle-shaped shape, a two-point shape, and a plum-shaped point shape.

Modern frames have been further developed on the basis of ancient frame culture. They have become more colorful in terms of form, design, decoration, pattern and color, reflecting new values and aesthetics.