Frame glasses structure

- Mar 08, 2019-

A complete pair of spectacles usually consists of the main parts such as lenses, mirror rings, nose pads, pile heads and temples. In addition to the above components, there are also foot covers and supports.

Leaf screws, hinge screws, etc.

1, lens: also known as the mirror heart, is the drawing heart after the support, suitable for the clip placed in the frame, so called the mirror heart. Its form is horizontal and vertical, and it is an easy and convenient installation. Lenses can be classified into resin lenses, special lenses, space lenses, and glass lenses depending on the material.

2, mirror ring (frame): the assembly position of the lens, with wire, nylon wire and screws, by means of grooves or holes to fix the lens, it affects the cutting of the lens and the shape of the glasses.

3, nose bridge: connect the left and right mirror ring or directly connected to the lens. The bridge of the nose is placed directly on the nose and supported by the stipules on the nose. 4, nose support: including the stipules, the stipules and stipules, the stipules and the nose directly contact, play the role of support and stability of the frame. Some cast plastic frames may be devoid of stalks and cupolas, and the stipules are attached to the mirror ring.

5. Pile head: The joint between the mirror ring and the temple is generally curved.

6, the temple: the hook frame on the ear, can be active, connected to the pile head, plays a role of a fixed mirror ring.

7. Hinge: A joint that connects the pile head and the temple.

8. Locking block: Tighten the screws to tighten the locking blocks on both sides of the opening of the mirror ring to fix the lens.