Glasses contrast - comfortable and beautiful

- Mar 19, 2019-

(1) Frame glasses, especially high-definition frame glasses, cause the wearer's nose to bear weight, frame compression of the nose and auricle often cause contact dermatitis, while contact lenses do not have the above disadvantages.

(2) Wearing frame glasses from the cold outdoor to the warm indoors, steam will condense on the glass lens, causing blurred vision. The surface of the contact lens is completely covered with the tear layer, so there is no condensation of water vapor.


(1) For young wearers, it is possible to avoid the frame glasses covering the eyes, and it is convenient to exchange thoughts and feelings with the eyes.

(2) The frame shape and side width of the frame glasses often modify the shape of the wearer, and the contact lens does not have this disadvantage.

(3) The wearing of the frame glasses often causes the collapse of the bridge of the nose, and the protrusion of the eyeball can avoid this change if the contact lens is worn in time.