Glasses contrast - vision

- Mar 18, 2019-

(1) Wearing spectacles with 1.00D can enlarge or reduce the image seen by about 2%, and anisometropic patients wear spectacles because of binocular aberrations.

Large, causing obstacles in the fusion of both eyes. The size of the image seen through the contact lens is close to reality, and there is no such disadvantage.

(2) Patients with high refractive error when wearing spectacles, because the spherical aberration and dispersion of the lens will affect the quality of the image, while the contact lens is attached to the surface of the cornea, only the lens of the pupil area receives the incident light. Therefore, the spherical aberration and dispersion of the lens are extremely slight.

(3) In patients with ametropia, when wearing spectacles, refracting aberrations and skewing differences may occur, causing distortion of the image, and the thickness difference of each part of the incident region of the contact lens is extremely small, and the visual axis It is always consistent with the geometric center of the lens, so there is almost no image distortion.