Polarized mirror features

- Mar 01, 2019-

Although the polarized lens can filter out many irregular light interferences and avoid the occurrence of glare and glare, if the arc of the lens itself cannot be in the optical standard refractive state, the polarizing effect is weakened, affecting the image authenticity, and the durability is poor. .

The general polarized sunglasses on the market are made of fiber-bonded polarizing film. It is different from optical glass polarized sunglasses. Because of its soft texture and unstable arc bending, after the lens is assembled, the lens is difficult to achieve optical refraction standard, and the video is loose and deformed. Due to the instability of the arc, the lens is deformed, which directly leads to poor definition of the light-transmissive image, and the image is distorted, which does not function as a normal light. And the surface is easy to scratch and wear. Not durable.

The polarized lens is synthesized by pressing a plurality of thin resin materials. Each layer has a different effect. The middle layer is the polarizing layer. The principle is like a blind, which can filter out stray reflected light. The second and third layers can filter 99.9% of harmful UV rays and reduce the light intensity. The function is the same as ordinary sunglasses. The fourth and fifth layers of the polarized lens are anti-impact layers, so that the lens is not easily broken; the sixth and seventh layers are strengthened to make the lens less prone to wear. The polarizer filters out harmful light to protect the eyes.