Polarizer purchase tips

- Mar 03, 2019-

Sunglasses are not only worn in the summer, they are actually used all year round. Wear it on sunny days and wear it on cloudy days. Don't think that the sun is not strong in the cloudy sky, the weather is not hot, it is taken lightly, and unconsciously, it illuminates more harmful ultraviolet rays.

Primary consideration of quality

The primary function of polarized sunglasses is to protect against UV rays and filter polarized light. Good polarized sunglasses lenses can block the penetration of more than 90% of UV rays. You can choose polarized sunglasses with the "UV400" best blocking UV logo; inferior polarized sunglasses, such as dark sunglasses, as the light entering the human eye darkens, the pupils of the human eye become larger, and the ultraviolet rays enter the eyes. Increase and increase damage to your eyes.

Authentic and natural

The color selection of polarized sunglasses should be based on the principle that the color of the surrounding environment is not distorted, the edges of the object are clear, and the signals of different colors can be effectively recognized. Especially when driving sunglasses, it is safe to drive. The color of the lens is better in gray, brown, and green, because the lenses of these colors absorb infrared rays and ultraviolet rays better, which can improve visual contrast and sharpness, and are particularly effective in air pollution or foggy conditions.

Will it be uncomfortable for long-term wear?

Genuine polarized sunglasses have to be worn comfortably; inferior lenses are not technically and functionally manufactured at the time of manufacture, and the lens materials are also inferior. After wearing them, they feel uncomfortable, dizzy, headache, dry eyes, stinging, etc., and should be stopped immediately. .

Look at the protection of the frame

Most polarized sports sunglasses frames are veneer-shaped, which can effectively prevent wind and foreign objects from irritating the eyes during outdoor sports. In addition, the hardness of the polarized lens and the material flexibility of the frame are considered to be harmful to the human body.