The use and maintenance of sunglasses

- Aug 05, 2019-

The use and maintenance of sunglasses

 (1) the maintenance of sunglasses is just like the maintenance of general glasses. In addition, sunglasses are often taken off, which can cause scratches on the lenses, so pay special attention to some minor details: sunglasses. When stains stick, don't use your nails to scratch the surface, which is easy to scratch.

 (2) when you don't wear sunglasses, put the sun glasses on your head or hang them on your collar or pocket, which will easily cause the sunglasses to be torn or damaged. If the sunglasses into the bag, it is recommended to put into the hard glasses box first, and then into the bag, so as not to be hard wear lenses, or contaminated by cosmetics. 

(3) drivers often put sunglasses on the dashboard or seat, which is a very bad habit. Sunglasses can be distorted by baking in hot weather, especially plastic frames, and are best carried off or stored in a case. 

(4) no matter where you store your sunglasses, make sure the mirror faces up.