Type of glasses

- Mar 15, 2019-

1. Full frame: It is the most commonly used type of frame. It is characterized by firmness and easy shaping, which can cover part of the lens thickness.

2, half-frame frame (nylon wire frame): a very thin nylon wire is used as part of the frame edge, the lens is ground by special grinding, and a narrow groove is formed in the lower edge, so that the nylon wire is embedded in the groove. The shape of the bottomless frame is formed, so the weight is very light, giving a sense of lightness and chic, and is relatively firm.

3, no frame: This type of frame has no mirror ring, only the metal nose bridge and metal temples, the lens and the nose bridge and temples are directly connected by screws, generally to punch holes in the lens. No frame is lighter and more chic than ordinary frames, but the intensity is slightly worse.

4. Combination frame: There are two sets of lenses at the front frame, one of which can be turned up, usually for indoor and outdoor use.

5, folding frame: frame can be folded into four or six fold, mostly reading glasses.

6. Eyebrow frame: The eyebrow frame is similar to the half frame frame. The upper frame has only a ring of eyebrows similar to the eyebrows. A very thin nylon wire is used as the lower frame edge, and the style is more fashionable.