What are the classifications of spectacle frames by ring type?

- Sep 05, 2020-

The spectacle frame can be said to be an important part of a pair of spectacles, playing a role in supporting the spectacle lens, so the quality of the spectacle frame is very important. With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic level, there are more and more requirements for the appearance of spectacle frames. Now there are various types of spectacle frames on the market. Today, let the spectacle frame manufacturers take everyone to understand what the eyeglass frames are. Classification.

  1. Full frame: It is a more commonly used type of frame. It is strong and easy to shape, and can cover a part of the lens thickness.


2. Nylon wire frame: A very thin nylon wire is used as part of the frame edge. The lens is specially polished to smooth the lower edge. There is a narrow groove in the lower edge, so that the nylon wire is embedded in the groove to form a bottomless frame. The style is very light, giving people a light and unique feeling, and it is also relatively strong.

  3. Frameless: This type of frame has no lens ring, only a metal nose bridge and metal temples. The lens, the bridge of the nose and the temples are directly connected by screws, and holes are usually made in the lens. Frameless is lighter and more chic than ordinary frames, but the strength is slightly lower.

  4. Combination frame: There are two sets of lenses at the front frame, one of which can be turned up, usually for indoor and outdoor use.

  5. Folding frame: The frame can be folded into four or six folds, most of which are reading glasses.

  6. Half frame frame: The half frame is made of a very thin nylon wire as part of the frame, which is characterized by light weight, giving people a light and unique feeling, and is relatively strong.

  7. Eyebrow frame: The eyebrow frame is similar to the half-frame frame. The upper half frame has only one loop wire similar to the eyebrow, and a thin nylon wire is used as the lower part of the frame. The style is more fashionable.

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