What do we need to know when buying sunglasses for children?

- Aug 05, 2019-

What do I need to know when buying sunglasses for children?

 (1) the frame should not have sharp edges and should not be easily damaged, otherwise your child may hurt himself while playing.

 (2) choose high-quality glasses. For safety reasons, children's sunglasses should only use anti-shattering resin lenses and anti-uv400 lenses. For adults and children, wearing sunglasses can cause the pupils of the eyes to dilate. If sunglasses lenses do not provide adequate uv protection, dangerous uv rays can penetrate unimpeded and, in some cases, cause permanent damage. 

(3) choose sunglasses that fit children's faces. Children are not yet able to tell for themselves whether the glasses fit properly, or whether they are too tight or uncomfortable. You should use the optometrists' experience to help you choose. Experts are sure to create the best sunglasses for your child based on the shape of their face. Tip: to make sure your kids are truly willing to wear sunglasses, let them help you choose them.

 By the way: sunglasses don't fit very small babies.