Color Classification And Selection Suggestions

- Mar 12, 2019-

(a) color classification

In general, the color of sunglasses is divided into three categories:

1, full color lens: full gray, full tea, all green

2, gradient color lens: gradually gray, gradually tea, gradually green, gradually red wine, gradually purple, red, ruby red, etc.

3, colorful film lens: silver white, smoke purple, purple orchid, ice blue, light blue, turquoise, gold, orange, pink, etc.

(2) Color selection suggestions

You can choose according to your skin color, clothing mix and color preferences.

If you focus on the functional type, you can focus on the full-color lens:

All gray: It is a neutral color system; it has the best chroma reduction index for any chromatographic equilibrium absorption, so the viewing scene will only be darkened but there will be no chromatic aberration, showing a true natural feeling; different depths of gray, suitable for different Weather, medium gray and dark gray are more suitable for snowy days, preventing snow from reflecting.

Whole tea: can improve visual contrast and sharpness (brightening), and wear better in air pollution or foggy conditions; suitable for drivers, athletes, outdoor workers, and farsighted people, to enhance brightness.

All Green: Maximizes the green light that reaches the eye. Therefore, people wearing green glasses will have a cool, comfortable feeling. Relieve eye fatigue. Suitable for people who are prone to fatigue.

Yellow lenses can increase the sensitivity of visual cells.