How To Clean The Glasses Lens

- May 10, 2019-

Using glasses to wipe the glasses, tiny solid particles will produce fine scratches on the lens, causing different degrees of wear on the lens, affecting our visual effects, reducing the life of the lens, generating static electricity and making it easier to absorb dust.


1. If there is dust on the lens, please rinse it with water. After rinsing the lens dust, you can gently remove or wipe the water stain with a mirror cloth.

2. If you find oil, you can use a little detergent and water to rinse the glasses, then wipe it clean (add a sentence, detergent needs to be diluted, it is best to choose neutral detergent)

3. Regularly go to the optical shop for maintenance and cleaning, use the ultrasonic cleaner to sew the frame, and clean the grease on the nose pads.

4. You can buy a small ultrasonic cleaner at home and clean it yourself every day.

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