How To Extend The Life Of Polarized Sunglasses

- Jun 01, 2019-

Polarized sunglasses are the world's most recognized sunglasses for driving. Light is partially polarized to produce glare when reflected by the surface of the object. The opposite effect of glare - enhances brightness, reduces color saturation; makes the outline of the object blurred, making the eyes tired and uncomfortable. The polarizer is made according to the principle of polarization of light. It has the special function of eliminating glare, which makes the driver improve the vision and increase the driving pleasure. How to better maintain the polarizer?

 Here are a few points for everyone:

 1, folding

In the design of the frame, it is usually folded by the left temple and then folded to the right.

 2, picking

In operation, use both hands to handle and hold the temples in the parallel direction of the cheeks. Also don't hang the polarizer on top of your head. Many friends like to hang the polarizer on the top of the head. This is very incorrect, which will cause the hook to be broken. Be sure to use both hands to remove the polarizer, avoid using one hand, otherwise the force is too large, it is easy to cause the frame to deform or even break. Care should be taken when not wearing, placed in a spectacle case and folded with the mirror facing up to avoid the lens facing down.

 3, clean

 Before driving, it is generally necessary to clean the polarizer lens. In this case, you can use a special polarized glasses cloth to wipe. Hold the hand by hand and wipe the side of the mirror during the wiping process. The action should be light, otherwise it will easily damage the lens and the frame. However, dry rubbing is not recommended, so it is easy to grind the lens. You can also choose to use a special cleaning agent to spray on the surface of the lens, then use a paper towel to dry the water and then wipe it with a glasses cloth. If you need to rinse with water, immediately blot the water stain on the surface of the polarized glasses with a paper towel or mirror cloth.

 It is important to note that ultrasonic cleaning cannot be used when cleaning the polarizer, otherwise the polarizing effect will be destroyed. After driving, please wipe your polarizer and put it in the glasses bag for safekeeping. Do not place the polarizer in the glove box or armrest box of the co-pilot of the vehicle, so as to store it with sharp objects. It can cause scratching of the lens or the occurrence of paint falling.

 4. Regular adjustments

 After wearing for a period of time, the frame may be deformed, causing a load on the nose and ears, and the lens is also easily released. You can fix it yourself or go to the store to make adjustments.

 5, about placement

 For a short time, the convex surface of the lens must face up, otherwise it is easy to grind and avoid contact with various chemicals, cosmetics, medicines, etc. If it is placed for a long time, wrap it in a glasses case and put it in the glasses case.

 Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. The polarizer is placed at a high temperature, and the temperature is too high. The polarizer may be deformed, especially the polarizer of the plastic frame is hardly resistant to heat. For a long time, it is placed in a place where the sun is easy to illuminate. Because the frame is light and hot, it is easy to fade.

 Note that after wearing the polarizer, do not put the polarizer on the console of the car to avoid deformation of the polarizer due to high temperature. Also, do not immerse the polarizer in water for a long time. If you do not need to use a polarizer for a long time without driving, please place the polarizer in a special glasses bag to make the lens of the polarizer more fully protected.

 If the polarizer is frequently picked, the polarized lens will inevitably have scratches and damage. If the above problems occur, affecting the wearing effect, it is recommended that you replace the polarizer or lens in time. Do a good job of polarizer maintenance, so that the polarizer can better serve us.

 In order to ensure a good wearing effect, in addition to the maintenance of polarizers, it is also important to choose glasses!