How To Use Sunglasses To Create A Variety Of Styles

- May 10, 2019-

Women's sunglasses can be used not only with the color of the lipstick, but also with the style of the skirt, and even with the pattern of the nail. Choosing the one that suits you is not easy, and the style you like is not necessarily suitable for you. Choosing a pair of sunglasses for your face is really important! Now let's talk about the face type!


1. Goose egg face is preferred to have square sunglasses with angular edges.

2. Round face is also to enhance the facial lines, also preferred square sunglasses. In addition, you can also try cat eye sunglasses, the edge of the upward flying can lengthen the proportion of the face, the unexpected magical slimming effect!

3. The square face must choose the round or the bottom edge is curved, and the pilot's model is also handsome .

4. Long face matched with the oversized models. It is really invincible and cool, and it is glamorous with the cat's eye. The faces of melon seeds are really lucky darlings. Apart from these two models, there is almost no taboo in the selection of sunglasses!

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