Myopia Sunglasses Notes

- Mar 12, 2019-

(1) For high myopia users with myopia of more than 800 degrees, it is not recommended to wear myopia sunglasses. Because the lens of the high myopia user is thick, and the large frame design of the sunglasses, the lens is thick and heavy, and the wearing is not beautiful and not comfortable. Another high myopia user's feeling ability is relatively weak, such as with a pair of colored glasses, the eyes are like a layer of dark fog, to see things more difficult. For the same reason, for myopic astigmatism and corrected visual acuity less than 1.0, it is not suitable to wear.

(2) When purchasing myopia sunglasses, priority is given to lenses with good impact resistance. Because the use scene of myopia sunglasses is mostly outdoor, intense activities, lens drop may occur and the lens may be broken.

(3) If the fingerprint of myopia sunglasses is left on the surface, it will also destroy its own fashion sense. It is recommended to pay attention to the lens layer when purchasing. Try to use a film with anti-oil and anti-fingerprint function similar to the A6 film.

(4) Myopia sunglasses are not suitable for long-term indoor wear. Over time, the attention and eye health damage must be added. A pair of ordinary glasses must be prepared. Or consider using smart color-changing lenses, which use photochromic technology to quickly and evenly change the color of the lens as the UV changes. It will become very dark under the sun, and it will become nearly colorless when entering the interior lens.

(5) For those who drive, fish, or love sports, it is recommended to give priority to driving polarizers. Because the sunlight illuminates the reflected glare formed in the sand, water, snow, and road surface, it often causes eye discomfort and fatigue. The polarizing angle and curvature of the driving polarizer are designed according to the principle of precision optics, and these irregular reflected light can be For efficient alignment and filtering (such as the principle of blinds), the light is organized into the same direction into the eyes, making the surrounding scene look soft and not glare.

(6) Myopia sunglasses must go to professional institutions for optometry, and never buy one.