New Myopia Sunglasses

- Mar 12, 2019-

(a) dyed lenses

With the rapid development of glasses technology, resin lens tablets enter the glasses consumer market with its light, safe, light transmittance and close to optical glass, and more and more varieties, never hardened to harden; from low refractive index To the middle of the refraction, to high refraction; never change from dyeing to dyeing, and even to discoloration.

In the dyed lens, the resin lens is immersed in hot water in which organic pigment is dissolved to color and dye the lens. The shade of the color can be controlled at a standard level, and the entire lens can be dyed into a uniform color or a gradually changing color.

(two) new type of myopia sunglasses

With dyed lenses, there is now a myopia sunglasses in the true sense. The new type of myopia sunglasses combines myopia and sunglasses into one. It solves the problem of unclear vision of myopia, and it can block both ultraviolet and ultra-high values.

(3) Advantages of new myopia sunglasses

1. Melt into one, beautiful and lighter: the combination of myopia and sunglasses is more beautiful and lighter.

2, free custom face bending: free custom large-face bending design, a variety of camber matching fashion frames, sports frames, to meet the user's unique and unique fashion needs.

3, colorful color selection: a variety of color dyeing film selection, to meet your good "color" pursuit.