Pay Attention To When Choosing Sunglasses

- May 18, 2019-

 Sunglasses are very knowledgeable. If you choose improperly, it is easy to cause damage to your eyes. The problems you should pay attention to when choosing sunglasses are:

Should go to the regular optical shop to choose sunglasses with UV protection function produced by regular manufacturers. Street stalls and hawkers sell glasses that often fail to meet UV standards. It is best not to buy them.

    When selecting, pay attention to the surface of the lens to be smooth, no ripples, no flaws, no bubbles, no wear marks. To place the lens flat, observe the lens for warping from the horizontal direction. Lenses with uneven or traced or air bubbles are not suitable for purchase.

   The color selection of the lens should be such that the color of the surrounding environment is not distorted after being worn, the edge of the object is clear, and the principle of different color signal lights can be effectively recognized. The choice of the color depth of the lens should be determined according to the activity place. Generally, the medium depth is good, such as light gray, light brown, light green, etc. These colors of sunglasses absorb infrared and ultraviolet light better. Of course, if you want a strong shading effect, you should choose a darker lens. However, bicycles or motorists cannot choose lenses that are too dark, otherwise they cannot effectively identify traffic lights of different colors.

   The choice of sunglasses must also consider its matching relationship with eye size, face shape, eyebrows and nose. People with big eyes should choose sunglasses with large frames, sunglasses with smaller frames for smaller eyes, sunglasses with thick round faces for sunglasses with thick frames, long face-shaped people for sunglasses with round frames, flat round faces It is advisable to use sunglasses with a slightly narrow square frame.

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