Protective Glasses Start With UV Rays

- May 18, 2019-

Ultraviolet light is a "stealth killer". The human body does not have any sense of function to feel its presence, but it does cause some damage to the eyes. How to protect glasses from UV rays during the sunny spring and summer handover season? Ultraviolet rays exist all year round, so it is an ideal choice to wear protective lenses at all times. It is ideal for not only providing UV protection, but also blocking UV rays that are harmful to eye health. At the same time, ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the skin. When going out, a parasol and a pair of sunglasses can solve all these problems. Dry eyes, blurred vision is a common problem of many "computer families", put a lot of hot water next to the computer, can increase the humidity, reduce the interference caused by computer radiation, the doctor reminded: "computer family" should adjust the screen to 10 to 20 Dividends, reduce the chance of lifting the eyelids, usually should blink your eyes and keep your eyes moist, so as to protect your eyes. "Cactus" radiates nemesis, cactus grows in places where sunlight is strong, and has a good ability to absorb radiation. A "cactus" placed next to the computer can effectively absorb the radiation from the computer and reduce the radiation absorbed by the body.

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