Sunglasses Classification

- Aug 22, 2019-

myopia sunglasses, as the name suggests, there are two functions of myopia glasses and sunglasses, how to combine these two functions, it has created different types of myopia sunglasses, there are four popular types on the market:

1, ordinary Myopia glasses dyed sunglasses Normal myopia glasses dyed sunglasses is actually the color of ordinary myopia lenses with sunglasses, which can help block strong light. There are many colors of this kind of glasses. When choosing, pay attention to the lenses of tea, gray, light green and other colors. When using this kind of glasses, you need to pay attention to it. It can be used outdoors, but it is better to use ordinary glasses when entering the room. Because the lens has insufficient perspective, it will increase eye fatigue and affect vision. And with this kind of glasses, you need to choose a professional optical shop, because this kind of myopia dyed sunglasses usually process the ordinary resin lens and then dye it. Because of the different degrees, the dyeing is usually processed by single processing, color and Stability varies greatly depending on the size and level of the optical store.

2, external clip-type myopia sunglasses external clip-type myopia sunglasses is attached to the sunglasses on their own glasses, the purchase of sunglasses clips, economical, switching is also very convenient, the film can be turned directly upside down, but There are not many types of external clips, and there are many differences in the conformity of the original lens. There are also myopic mirrors specially designed for specific frames. The outer ink lens is made of iron, and the outer lens is completely mounted with the size of the frame, which is very beautiful and easy to disassemble.

3, integrated myopia sunglasses This glasses is actually a clip and myopia mirror to do a pair of glasses, you can flip up and down switch, because it is directly on a pair of glasses, the design of the style will be very fashionable And also suitable for strenuous exercise. If you enter indoors or in a dark place, you can pick up the front cover. Seen directly with myopia, but there are still disadvantages that it can not be used as a normal myopia, so it is still necessary to wear two pairs of glasses.

4, color lens technology as the name suggests, is in the sun, the lens itself will change color, the current best quality is Essilor's fifth generation full line of color film. The degree of discoloration and recovery in the sun are good, but the price is also very high.