Sunglasses Parameters And Purchasing Knowledge

- Aug 05, 2019-

1.Sunglasses can not knoe the parameters

(1) UV (degree of UV protection) : the range of human eyes' perception of light is 380~ 780mm (that is, visible light). Ultraviolet refers to the light whose wavelength is lower than 380mm (invisible). The meaning of UV380 is that it can effectively block waves: light that is less than 380mm long. The UV 400 standard loses some color because it also blocks some visible light.

(2) plate (plastic) : the frame made of plastic plate in the front ring.

(3) memory (anti-deformation) : refers to the anti-deformation ability of the frame.

(4) polarized light (polarized light and polarization filter) : it refers to that a polarized film is added in the middle of the lens to filter stray light and glare.

2.Knowledge of the choose and buy of 2 sunglass

Sorch summer, strong radiate and ultraviolet ray damage glasses very easily, a pair of sunglasses that suits oneself, can reduce harm greatly,and still can have very good adornment effect.

(1)comfort is important, and a pair of sunglasses that you wear all the time must always be the right size. (2) it can be selected according to different preferences and USES, but the most fundamental principle is to ensure the safety of the wearer and protect the eyesight from damage, so the function of sunglasses is the key to choose. If you wear poor quality sunglasses, it will easily lead to eye fatigue and even damage. (3) fashion is also a very important factor when choosing sunglasses. Want to combine oneself characteristic and need to choose the sunglasses with different color different frame form, perfect union of vogue and individual temperament. Want collocation to pay attention to only, sunglasses can have the effect that make the finishing point. In addition, the color selection of the lens should be based on the principle that the color of the surrounding environment is not distorted and the edges of the object are clear.