Sunglasses Use Common Sense

- May 10, 2019-

This is the latest design sunglasses of our design department, we will follow the new fashion style sunglasses in time, welcome friends from all over the country to buy, the following is the common sense of the use of sunglasses:


It is not necessary to wear sunglasses when the light is dark, such as on a cloudy day or indoors. Some people, regardless of the occasion, regardless of the intensity of the sun, even wearing sunglasses at dusk, evening, and watching movies and television, will inevitably increase the burden of eye regulation, causing eye muscle tension and fatigue, making vision loss, visual The object is blurred, and symptoms such as dizziness and vertigo may occur in severe cases. For infants and children whose visual system is not perfect, sunglasses should not be worn. In addition to the glass sunglasses, other sunglasses lens materials are not wear-resistant, users should always pay attention to the surface of the sunglasses, when the wear affects the clarity, should be replaced in time.

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