The Benefits Of Wearing Sunglasses

- May 10, 2019-

Summer with sunglasses first have a sunscreen effect, can protect the fragile eye skin, do not cause sunburn or melanin precipitation, and secondly can prevent wrinkles, avoid photophobia, form fine lines around the eyes, and also protect the eyeballs, ophthalmologists believe that colored Sunglasses will make people's eyes in relatively dim light, and people's pupils will subconsciously scatter. If people's eyes are in this state for a long time, even if the original vision is good, it will be degraded in the future. However, this process of degradation is slow and not easy to detect in the short term, so it is easier to take people lightly.

Secondly, although the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight can be partially blocked by the lens of the sunglasses, medical research proves that the ultraviolet rays are absorbed by the lenses before they are dispersed. Therefore, after wearing the sunglasses, the pupils of the person will be flickering and fading. Big and small, this is why people feel uncomfortable after wearing sunglasses. If you wear sunglasses all day long, regardless of changes in the external environment, you will cause damage to your eyes.

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