The Difference Between Polarizer And Sunglasses

- May 24, 2019-

1, sunglasses

The general sunglasses have a single functional function, and only have two basic functions of blocking glare and filtering ultraviolet rays. Compared with the polarizer, the technical content of sunglasses is relatively low, and the cost is relatively low. Consumers can choose the occasion. If it is used for decoration every day, or just for a short time to go out, ordinary sunglasses can fully satisfy your needs. Needed.


2, polarizer

Polarized glasses have polarized properties, and the production process is mainly aimed at glare in life, and the pertinence is relatively strong, so the price will be slightly higher than ordinary sunglasses. The polarizer can block unpleasant glare and protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. Generally, sunglasses use only the effect of dimming. Because ordinary lenses cannot filter light, they can only reduce glare, ultraviolet light, etc. The strength does not completely block these harmful rays, so its function is only to reduce eye damage. In addition to blocking strong light, the polarizer also effectively filters out glare, just like the principle of blinds, so that the light is adjusted into the same direction and enters the room, naturally making the scene look soft without glare is polarizing the light, it will be harmful The light is blocked but does not affect the transmission of visible light, which can truly achieve the function of protecting the eyes.

Polarized sunglasses will filter out more intense light than normal sunglasses, and they are more functional. If you are driving for a long time, or when the sun is shining, fishing or climbing, choose a pair of polarized sunglasses to make it easier and more comfortable.

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