Why Do You Need Sunglasses

- Apr 27, 2019-

In the hot summer, we need a lot of equipment to prevent the sun from hurting. People should wear sunglasses when they are outdoors, whether they are working, driving, or exercising, walking, or running. Why do you need sunglasses? Enhanced dark adaptation After 2-3 hours in bright sunlight, people's adaptability to indoor lighting and nighttime will be reduced, making night driving more dangerous. Filter UV and filter blue light. It is also for a comfortable visual experience. Bright and glaring sun can make your eyes uncomfortable, affecting the clarity of your vision, and people will blink and cry. We wear sunglasses mainly to block glare and UV rays. So good sunglasses should have the function of blocking glare, shielding ultraviolet rays, no parallax or as little chromatic aberration as possible. The size of the frame is generally appropriate. It is necessary to select the appropriate frame according to the pupil distance and the size of the face. Many people like big-frame sunglasses, but large-frame sunglasses are likely to be improperly spaced, and may cause eye strain, dizziness, and other discomforts due to excessive frame weight. We try not to choose a lens that is too dark and the color of the lens is too dark, which may cause more "parallax" and "color difference". After putting on the glasses, the light intensity is too low, and it is difficult to distinguish between red and green when crossing the road, and it is difficult to distinguish between red and green, which causes inconvenience and unnecessary danger. This is our latest fashion sunglasses with the best functionality and beautiful appearance, you deserve it.

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