Will The Glasses Really Get Deeper And Deeper?

- Sep 05, 2020-

Glasses are mainly used to protect the eyes. For many nearsighted people, glasses are indispensable, but many people are afraid to wear glasses because they are afraid of wearing them deeper and deeper.

   Some people think that wearing glasses will increase the degree of myopia. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The deepening of myopia in adolescents is mainly due to the lengthening of the eye axis and improper use of the eyes during the development of the eyeballs, and ineffective prevention and treatment measures.

Improve the visual environment, standardize classroom lighting, prevent reflections on the blackboard, and form a good sitting posture. You should rest and look far away when doing homework for 40-50 minutes, and do eye exercises. Do not read or write while walking, riding in a car, lying down, in direct sunlight or in a dark environment. Students' homework should be reduced, and outdoor activities should be increased. This can not only enhance physical fitness, but also prevent myopia.

   If young people find that their farsightedness is not good, they should go to the hospital for examination, dilated pupils, and put on suitable glasses. In addition, it should be pointed out that glasses are medical supplies, not ordinary commodities. Quality is very important, so be sure to go to a big hospital or a reputable optical shop to get glasses.

   At present, there are various drugs and devices for treating myopia on the market, but in terms of long-term effects, no drugs and devices for treating myopia have been found. For young people, the only way to get myopia is to have optometry.

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