Double Beam Big Frame Plastic Sunglasses

Frame Material : Alloy Lens Material : PC Weight /unit  :34.5g Frame Width :  148mm Lens Width  :  60mm Lens Hight  :52 mm Nose Pad Width :15 mm Leg Length  : 152 mm Support Customers Logo ,MOQ >200pcs /design
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In this era of fast fashion consumption, any fashion element can't be popular forever. We can't keep the hottest style, but we can create new styles. The glasses of the box have always been very popular. It can well modify the face shape, and it can block the eyes from the eyes to prevent the eyes from being stabbed by the sun. It is the best sun protection tool for the eye skin. Wear it and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, such as going to the spring, lying on the lawn to enjoy the beautiful sky, walking by the river, or reading on the long board of the park, you deserve a pair of sunglasses to embellish your day. Nowadays, sunglasses are not only used for eye protection, but more to dress up your personality and your dressing. In our life, we can often see sunglasses used as decorations. For example, the display model of the clothes shop in the mall, the most fashionable models in the magazine, the models on the show, all of which require a personal match, and glasses are definitely their best choice, so that they can perfectly display a set of styles. A complete performance. In life, some fashion people also like to use glasses to express their personality, different styles can show different personalities.


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