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Frame Material : Resin Lens Material :  AC Weight /unit  : 45 g Frame Width  : 155 mm Lens Width   : 58 mm Lens High   : 70 mm Nose Pad Width :  20 mm Leg Length   : 140 mm Support Customers Logo ,MOQ >200pcs /design
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The popularity of pink in the past few years has brought new fashion to people. Recently, brown has become the dominant fashion, and the combination with brown is endless. For example, people will use black, red, green, and so on. Even leopard prints are used with brown. Brown is an elegant yet personal color, and the color matching of sunglasses also likes brown, so we launched six colors, black gray, orange brown, leopard brown, transparent brown, red gray and green brown. This glasses is not only the details of the color processing, his frame color is gradually deepened from the inside to the outside, the outside adds a gloss, a hollow design between the frame and the temple, the temples are also changed to the past The long style, we widen it, but it also guarantees its comfort. The lens color is still a gradient. The theme of this pair of glasses is Oversize, which is suitable for round face, long face, square face, goose face and melon face. Its nose pad is perfect in design. We found a number of testers to try on it. They all agreed that the feeling of the belt is very comfortable. Although the glasses look great, they are basically not heavy.

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