Simple Classic Day And Night Square Sunglasses

Frame Material : PC Lens Material : PC Weight /unit  :35.6g Frame Width : 152 mm Lens Width  :63 mm Lens Hight  : 55 mm Nose Pad Width :16 mm Leg Length  : 142 mm
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We always hesitate to choose when shopping, styles and colors are not known how to make decisions, generally in this case we will choose the best matching style, even if it is not very trendy, but suitable for each of us Clothes and daily travel. These simple square sunglasses are richly coloured in 8 colors. There are also gradient lenses. we pride ourselves on our extensive product knowledge and unparalleled customer support.We have a wealth of expertise in glasses and we are happy to provide you with the best service. If the customer has any questions, we will provide the best answers in a timely manner.For the convenience of day and night wear, one of them also has the function of night vision, which is convenient for people who need this function. We must not only consider fashion and appearance when designing, but more importantly, considering its functionality and functionality, it can always be used. This will not cause waste. These glasses are very resistant and lightweight for easy carrying. Wear it to see the most realistic colors, don't worry about the blurry things in front of you. The lenses are easy to clean and comfortable to wear. These small advantages are convenient for our daily life.


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