Tinted Jelly Candy Color Rimless Sunglasses

Frame Material : PC
Lens Material  : PC
Weight /unit  : 33g
Frame Width  : 150mm
Lens Width   : 67mm
Lens High   : 38mm
Nose Pad Width : 19mm
Leg Length   : 150mm
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Product Details

Candy color is popular in the summer of 2009. It is mainly composed of pink, pink, pink, pink, bright purple, lemon yellow, sapphire blue and mustard green, such as sugar paper collected from childhood. . Now, candy colors have occupied every field. For example, candy-colored sunglasses are very popular. So we launched this borderless candy-colored sunglasses. It has a translucent design throughout its shape, its shape is sharp, and the shape of some cat eyes is not so obvious. Its five colors are more suitable for summer, namely candy blue, candy ash, candy powder, candy red and candy yellow. They are also made of a light PC material that will make the glasses look fresher and sweeter. It also has a retro feel, and if you wear it to a darker place, it will give you a different feeling. It weighs 33g and has a nose pad of 19mm. We have made several improvements in the temples and hinges. We analyzed customer feedback many times. The evaluation of this glasses is particularly good. Its price is not expensive at all, it can be said that it is the lowest price, the best quality. It must make you feel value for money.

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