Womens Vintage Hollow Lace Flower Sunglasses

Frame Material : TR90
Lens Material  : TAC
Weight /unit  : 35.7g
Frame Width  : 144 mm
Lens Width   : 64mm
Lens High   : 59mm
Nose Pad Width : 17mm
Leg Length   : 135mm
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Product Details

The summer flowers are very blooming, and the flowers give us inspiration for design. The flowers are so beautiful, so bright, so I added the pattern elements to our sunglasses and added a hollow pattern above the frame. If it is a rigid pattern, it is difficult to reflect the summer's agility, so the hollowing out process we use is one of the best. After careful polishing, the connection of each flower is not a bit cumbersome and redundant, especially refreshing and clean. And the back of our temples echoes the color of the frame. Our lens colors are not the same as the previous ordinary colors. It's just some bright, summer-like, similar to the mix of ocean and gradient. The middle part of his temples is gold, echoing the flowers on the sides of the frame. More and more women like lace items, so we have a little lace design around our flowers to show the gentleness of women. Its lens is TAC material, it is the best material, and its frame is TR90, which adds a unique appearance to the soul of this glasses. Each of its six colors is particularly beautiful, especially in pink and brown, which is the most gentle color design I think.

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