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Frame Material : PC+Alloy Lens Material :  TAC Frame Width  : 109 mm Lens Width   : 45 mm Lens High   : 40 mm Nose Pad Width :  19 mm Leg Length   :  130 mm Support Customers Logo ,MOQ >200pcs /design
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In our lives, sunglasses are not just items that adults can have. In recent years, ultraviolet rays have become more and more intense. Children who go out to play will also be exposed to ultraviolet rays. More and more parents think that their children also need a pair. Good sunglasses to protect the children's eyes. Therefore, more and more manufacturers have begun to develop children's sunglasses to make sunglasses that conform to the child's eye structure and temperament. The sunglasses worn by adults can't be  brought to the children. The children should be light and comfortable, and the material of the lenses should be the best and healthiest material. The children's glasses that we launched, the design concept is "the future, you will be the main adult mini-type, not only show the mature mentality of the contemporary children's group imitating the act of adults, but also reflect the multifaceted nature of children and ghosts. We" A half-frame design is used. The frame material is PC and metal, and the lens material is TAC. We also added millet nails to the frame. We also performed multiple opening and closing tests on the hinges, which are durable and durable. The nose pads of silicone match the child's face. At the same time it also meets the detection of UV400. We are determined to give children the best protection.

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