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Frame Material : Silicone Lens Material :  TAC Weight /unit  : 30 g Frame Width  :  110mm Lens Width   : 47 mm Lens High   : 35 mm Nose Pad Width :  15 mm Leg Length   :  125mm Support Customers Logo ,MOQ >200pcs /design
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More and more children's eyes are damaged, and problems such as myopia, hyperopia, and amblyopia are endless. Parents only notice that watching TV for a long time to watch TV, or learning the wrong posture will affect the child's vision, but they ignore the sun's light will also cause harm to the child's eyes. With the improvement of living standards, parents like to take the children out to relax or travel. In the long-term outdoor exposure, the damage of ultraviolet rays has a great influence on the child's vision. Therefore, in outdoor activities, parents should wear a sunshade to the child to resist the injury. We launched children's square sunglasses with 12 colors. For men and women, baby can choose the color they like. The frame of the silicone gel better fits the baby's face, and the TAC material protects the children's eyes with great strength. This pair of glasses is suitable for children from 3-12 years old. It has a wide range of wear and long use, and has a long time to follow the children. The design of polarized light is more intimate. In response to that sentence, it is necessary to give the children the best care.

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